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7 ¼”  Gauge 14xx (NEW)

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7 1/4" Gauge 14xx (Video)

A little extra testing on a short track at the Wroxton Business Centre.....

"As an award winning professional model maker I am delighted to be involved in the design and testing of this superb Seven and a Quarter Gauge live steam model"
Mike Pavie

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NEW! 7.25 INCH 14xx GWR CLASS  
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Established in 2010 Kingscale was introduced to meet the need for ready-to-run live steam models for Gauge 3. With the successful introduction of Gauge 5 to our range we are now happy to introduce our first model for Gauge 7.25 inch enthusiasts in 2017.

Over 200 live steam models shipped...

In the last three years we have manufactured and delivered over 200 quality live steam models  including the Britannia, Coronation Class and 14xx tank locomotives. In addition we have delivered 100 fine scale coaches.

Mike Pavie - consultant engineer...

None of this could have been achieved without the experience and knowledge of award winning model engineer Mike Pavie. Mike specifies and approves our exclusive designs and proves pilot models.

Same philosophy - bigger gauge...

With the success of our smaller gauge models, and absolute confidence in our quality processes, we felt it was time to design and manufacture our first batch of 7.25 inch gauge models. Our philosophy for the larger gauge is identical to that which we apply to Gauge 3.

Our aim is to produce ready-to-run, exhibition quality, scale models of well know prototypes at a great value-for-money price.

Built to order...

We can achieve this great balance of high quality and value for money by building our models in reasonably sized batches using the latest CNC facilities. Of course, state of the art production can only take you so far. Each model has to be assembled by hand the same way now as would have been the case 100 years ago. Each model can take up to 250 hours to machine and assemble.

Because so much time and expense is involved in the production we generally commit to making an individual model only on the basis of a firm customer order reservation.

High re-sale values...

Although it is rare for a customer to buy with investment as the primary objective a happy by-product of our high quality, low price, philosophy is that customers can reasonable expect their well cared for model to retain its value. To the best of our knowledge mint condition Britannia models have never been re-sold for less than the customer originally paid.

Exclusively available from Silver Crest Models...

Kingscale is a brand name of Silver Crest Models Limited and these beautiful locomotives are available exclusively from us.


Mike Pavie "The development of a 7 1/4 inch gauge model has been a demanding task, calling on nearly 50 years experience building and running passenger hauling models.

This is a locomotive everyone should be proud to own. As an award winning model engineer I am pleased to have delivered this exciting project to such a high standard"

Mike Pavie